HydroAction Products

HydroAction Products

In our HydroAction product development department, we source environmentally friendly ingredients wherever possible. We only use chemicals where there is no biological alternative.

These ‘biological’ products use naturally occurring bacteria or enzymes instead of chemicals and give the same, or sometimes better results than using harsh chemicals, with no environmental side-effects.

We will soon be launching a full range of biological products to include:

  • Shower and bathroom cleaners (the enzymes ‘eat’ body fat residues!)
  • ‘Grey-water’ treatment for sink wastes and drains, boat bilges, cellars and other areas where stagnant water collects.
  • A product to eliminate the ‘bad egg’ smell in water used to flush boat toilets (‘heads’)
  • The elimination of odours produced from organic sources (e.g. bodily wastes) from all hard surfaces and fabrics.
  • Cleaning products for the elimination of bio-fouling (e.g biomass reactors on board ships)

In our day to day operations, we produce or use a wide range of products which include:

  • Additives to protect central heating systems. These include inhibitors, sludge and magnetite removers and lime-scale removers. Please see our new product launch Central Heating Protector and Restorer under HydroAction products currently available.
  • Descalers for cleaning heating systems, commercial catering equipment, delicate metals and plastics and many other descaling applications. We have access to all of the descaling acids including citric, formic, malic, sulphamic and hydrochloric (for extreme scale build-up)
  • Biocides and viricides for the control of bacteria (including Legionella), viruses (including Hepatitis and HIV), algae and mould growths.
  • Surfactants (surface cleaning) and de-greasing products for all applications

These are just a few examples of our total capability, if you have a problem where you think HydroAction may be able to help please contact us.

Product features:
  • Tested by our staff in industrial premises and their own homes
  • Natural ingredients
  • Excellent results
  • Packaging that can be recycled

For single or bulk orders, call us on 01202 330635