HydroAction Heating System Protector & Restorer

HydroAction Heating System Protector & Restorer

We developed this product after consultation with heating engineers who were fed up with having to use several different additives to give complete protection to all wet heating and underfloor systems.

After much R&D and extensive field trials, we launched the UK’s first eight-in-one additive for heating systems.

Product features:
  • Corrosion prevention through the use of a triple-blend inhibitor, giving far greater levels of protection than with conventional inhibitors
  • Protection from the build-up of sludge, magnetite, sediments and other particles in the system water
  • Protection from the build-up of limescale deposits in the boiler, pipework and radiators
  • A biocide to control algae, bacteria and fungal growths
  • Prevents the build up of gases which cause noise in the system
  • A system lubricant which prolongs the life of pumps and makes them quieter in operation, also makes valves easier to operate
  • Added antifreeze which protects the system in extreme conditions and during periods of shut-down e.g. school holidays
  • The neutralisation of any flux residues left in the system after installation

For a system that is blocked with limescale or sludge deposits, we would recommend a thorough Powerflushing first, then when the system is refilled a 1% solution of HydroAction Heating System Protector and Restorer.

This will not only keep the system clean and working at optimum efficiency but also prolong the life of system components.

£15.00 a bottle (1 litre) plus packaging

Also available in 5 litre or 25 litre containers by special order.

For single or bulk orders, call us on 01202 330635